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Dance Studio Pirouette in Epping

Sydney, Australia

about dance studio pirouette
     The school opened back in 2007 in the Epping Community Centre with a ballet open class for all ages and levels, as well as a requested open fitness class for adults. At the end of 2007 it saw its first end-of-year concert — one that has become an annual tradition to cherish. The studio focused on ballet and character dance, with theatrical choreographies carefully designed for every skill level.
     As the studio regularly participated in dance festivals, competitions and exams, it grew to become a close family, readily welcoming new members. New dance styles were added — an exclusive body strengthening & conditioning class, tap class for all ages and levels, contemporary dance and jazz. 


Nonna Saakova
founder & artistic director
ballet & character dance teacher


eirlys stubbs
jazz & tap
dance teacher



lana ly
ballet & character 
dance teacher


tina west
ance teacher

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